Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The law has it backwards

The law does not legitimize politics. It's the politics that legitimizes (or not) the law. The law does not create ethics. The law should serve the ethics, not the other way around. The politics, the ethics and the national interests supersede the law, and are not subservient to it.

Legal supremacism is the weapon of the left nowadays: saying “it's legal and what you support is not” is invariably used as rationale for shoving down the immoral and the democratically unsupported down the throats of the people.

The trick of the left is exploiting the imperfections of the law, leading to such uses that were neither the original intent behind the law nor the broad political deal behind making it. Thus 2nd amendment gets twisted into recreational shooting and the 1st amendment is retrofitted with warhead of forced secularism.

When charged with this sort of abuse, the legal supremacists invariably change the interpretation on the fly back to the original intent: gee, you don't want free speech protected?

Well, sure we do. Thing is, other things you are doing with the law were never intended. Like, say, striking down the state amendments about gay marriage. This is exactly the kind of widely understood policy that should be decided via ballot box. Yet the left shows blatant disregard for the result of voting, hiding behind legal technicalities.

This is not protecting the law. This is overinterpretation, misuse and abuse of an imperfect mental model that has its limitations and was designed to merely serve as bureaucratic procedure infrastructure for political process and not as its replacement. United States were not meant as tyranny of the lawyers.

The left is trying to pull the Samson on all of us without realizing so: this sort of maddening legalistic tyranny undermines the political support of the mainstream for the government as such by making mockery of the political representation.

It's only so far that people who actually care are willing to support the entire venture. At no time you can count on a good fraction of the people who are politically careless. They can't count on their own meager ranks either. Samson they might think of themselves, but the only power the left has nowadays is that of destruction and self-destruction, not motivation. If the foundation of basic political support falls apart, and that is not as unlikely scenario as one might think, it can all go to hell because of lawyers overdoing weirding politics up.

Leftist legal activism is perilously close to the initiation of violence.

Illegally yours,



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